Let's Understand Big Data

Hey guy’s in this article in going to explain What is big Data. So let’s begin.

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Big Data

What is Big Data?

If you are beginner and reading this article you might heard the term “Big Data” multiple time and you might think of it as name of some very big technology. But in reality Big Data isn’t the name of technology, It’s the name of umbrella of problem which is facing by lot big MNC’s like google, facebook amazon, etc,.

But before I explain you about the problem that come under the Big Data let’s what is Big Data.

It is a term which simply means large amount of data. Today’s world is all about data. Everyday hundred’s of thousand of terabyte of is generating for From various source like social media, online shopping, web search, etc. Handling, storing, analysing that’s huge amount of data becoming a very big issue.

Let’s understand two of the problem causing because of Big Data.

  1. Volume:- The date generate from various needs to be store somewhere permanently or in persistent manner and to store data we need some storage device. Storing that huge amount of data which is generating everyday is very costly
  2. I/O operation :- It also know as velocity issue. When we write some data into Hard Disk it took some considerable time similarly When we read data from hard disk it took time too. Now as we know A huge amount of data is generating everyday. Writing data into hard disk and reading it back consume some time and today’s world all about the speed.

To solve Both of the above issue a concept was introduce call “Distributed storage” and hadoop is one the product or software based in Distributed storage.

Let’s see some fact about the generation of data

At the beginning of 2020, the digital universe was estimated to consist of 44 zettabytes of data.

By 2025, approximately 463 exabytes would be created every 24 hours worldwide.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon are custodians of at least 1,200 petabytes of people’s information.

I am Engineer. Engineer means Manipulator. Life & stuff are already complicated but I believe in simplicity and I try to manipulate things as simple as I can.

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